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BBC dismayed at German 'BND spying on journalists'

The BBC has voiced dismay over alleged German spying on foreign journalists, including some working for the BBC Germany's foreign intelligence service BND spied on media e-mails, faxes and phone

Germany detains Bundeswehr employee for spying for Iran

German federal prosecutors on Tuesday said an employee of the German army had been held on suspicion of spying for the Iranian intelligence service

German Mining Network

The German Mining Network is a platform for German companies and institutions dealing with mineral resources nationally and internationally This includes: mining equipment suppliers and service providers, mining companies and metal traders, alloy manufacturers, metal and alloy procuring companies, consultants, research institutions, and representatives from government and industry

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German Mining Networks is a full service investment boutique and investor relations agency for gold and silver mining companies based in Frankfurt, Berlin and …


2017-09-12 · For months, the German government sought to create the impression it was still waiting for an answer from the US on whether it could share NSA target lists for spying with a parliamentary

German Intelligence Maintains Spying Privileges Despite

German Intelligence Maintains Spying Privileges Despite Concerns What do you make of several court rulings that seem to indicate the government thinks spying on its citizens is totally legal? The latest ruling coming from a Liepzig court in Germany seems to suggest just that in a ruling in favor of the BND over internet hub De-Cix

German Intelligence Worked Closely with NSA on Data

The SSO, one of the most secretive groups within the intelligence community, is the division that forms alliances with US companies, especially in the IT sector, for data mining purposes

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During the violent months preceding the liberation of Paris, Wake, who died in August 2011 at 98, killed a German guard with a single karate chop to the neck, executed a female German spy, shot

GermanyWatch: Siemens - Data Mining Or Espionage?

2011-08-31 · A blog about German political behaviour, ambitions, foreign policy, and manipulation of the Euro Exposing how Germany is threatening European financial stability, and the potential for a 4th reich

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German Americans (German: Deutschamerikaner) Spotsylvania and encouraged German immigration by advertising in Germany for miners to move to Virginia and establish a mining industry in the colony The name "Germanna", selected by Governor Alexander Spotswood, reflected both the German immigrants who sailed across the Atlantic to Virginia and the British Queen, Anne, who was …

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We are the first point of contact for Canadian and German organizations interested in enhancing bilateral strategic partnerships in the mining and mineral resources

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I spy, you spy… In the world of big mining and big oil companies, it would seem that everybody spies Most Canadians were profoundly shocked to learn that the Canadian government had been spying on the Ministry of Mining and Energy in Brazil

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German Translation of spy Collins English German Translation of spy from the Collins English to German Dictionary There is/There are There are two main ways of expressing this in German 1 Es gibt This is always used in the singular form and is followed by …

Germany detains man suspected of spying for Iran | The

BERLIN — Prosecutors in Germany say an army employee has been detained on suspicion of spying for the Iranian intelligence serviceThe federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement that

Germany Can Legally Spy on Its Own Citizens | theTrumpet

A German court declared that it is legal for the German Federal Intelligence Service, known as the bnd, to spy on its citizens’ Internet use The court ruled on May 30 that major data hubs like the Deutsche Commercial Internet Exchange (de-cix) “can be required by the federal Interior Ministry to assist with strategic communications

Espionage case begins for Swiss bank spy accused of

A Swiss man accused of spying on German tax authorities on behalf of Bern faced court in Frankfurt, the German financial capital, on Wednesday

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Erich Gimpel—the most accomplished German spy to make it into the United States, was a very unlikely agent Born on March 25, 1910, Gimpel began his espionage career in the mid-1930s in Peru, where he was working as a radio engineer for mining companies Like a character in a Graham Greene spy novel, he was told by the German government to track ship movements in the area and send his

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Technology has brought great advances and conveniences, but it also comes with the cost of privacy You;ve seen many examples in the news The NSA has been caught spying on German chancellor

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2007-08-24 · After being fired from a teaching and mining job, he fled to the Soviet Union where he was recruited as a spy for the and using the cover of being a journalist was sent to various European countries to assess the possibility of communist uprisings taking place

On Canadian economic spying in Brazil and UBC’s mining

On Monday, October 14, Yves Engler and Sam Stime went on Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The Rational to talk about the Canadian mining industry, the recent scandal around the Canadian government’s spying of the mining ministry in Brazil, and UBC’s new mining institute

Massive Secret Surveillance in Canada Ottawa Spying on

In Canada’s case, this would be a petro-police state since both the Harper government’s spying on Brazil and its ominous domestic surveillance appear tied to its economic strategy based on expanding the profits of Canada’s oil and mining companies This obsessive focus on resource extraction has already made Canada an international disgrace by turning it into a leading destroyer of the

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Mining stone seekers found in Germany - save your resume searches for future reference New resumes located in Germany are added daily on Careermine

'No evidence' of Huawei spying, says German IT watchdog

Germany's IT watchdog has expressed scepticism about calls for a boycott of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, saying it has seen no evidence the firm could use its equipment to spy for Beijing, news

Muslim linguist in German army arrested for spying for Iran

“Germany accuses army linguist of spying for Iran over Afghan missions,” BBC, January 15, 2019 (thanks to Robert): German police have arrested a 50-year-old Afghan-German man suspected of passing military secrets to Iran

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Due to the cooperation of the ministry-supported Competence Centres for Mining and Mineral Resources at the AHKs in selected countries with the German Mineral Resources Agency and Germany Trade & Invest , a network for resources, namely German Mining Network, has been established

Partisan Maulwurf Prepares To Go Underground As Mining Vehicle

After showing off the military-focused Partisan One in 2017, a German mining company allegedly got in touch with Partisan and asked the automaker for a version capable of operating underground in

'We didn't do anything illegal!' - Spy games: German club

German football was stunned at the news that Werder Bremen one of the biggest clubs in the Bundesliga spied on training sessions of rivals Hoffenheim by using drones piloted by club officials

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Hundreds of Germans on Canadian soil were accused of spying and subversion The camps also served to house captured enemy soldiers, including over 700 German sailors captured in East Asia and sent to Canada As well, German immigrants who had arrived in Canada after 1922 were forced to register with the authorities, 16,000 registered

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The spies were Erich Gimpel, a native of Germany and former Abwehr courier who spoke English, and William Colepaugh, an American of German descent, a Nazi sympathizer, and a shady character who had little experience of spy craft